This is an open call to all the doers, makers, and thinkers – to all the artists, curators and designers – from across all disciplines – looking to deepen and develop their practice through significant encounters with the fields of contemporary performance, dance, theatre and choreography.

This unique international Master’s platform organises around three back-to-back semesters – running from late-August to late-August each year. With the exciting option of then continuing your learning and development for a further year through a funded international learning exchange programme. 

This twelve to twenty-four month programme of activities, organises around a small group of no more than eight students each year, and it is precisely their questions, objectives and urgencies – as doers, makers, thinkers and learners of all kinds – that lead the way.

In the words of a graduate of the programme, Saga Sigurðardóttir:

“The programme offered me encounters and friction with different minds and matters, challenges and openings, through which I had to confront my own practice, my methods, desires and reasons for making work… I am deeply thankful for the care I experienced on this programme... There seemed to be no limits to how adventurous (lost) one could get in the hunt or research, while still feeling the programme was with you, ears acutely listening and following the possibilities of the work through to the end.”