The Curriculum

The programme is organised around three core focuses.

#1 Your own work
Once enrolled you are supported with extensive studio access, residencies, frequent national and international studio visits from across the fields of art, design and beyond, rigorous mentoring, and significant peer-to-peer exchange. Your work, objectives and urgencies are front and centre of everything you do on this programme.

#2 Learning from (with) others This is extended by labs, workshops and symposiums, led by leading national and international artists, curators and thinkers. Furthermore – the full three semesters provide you with access to multiple morning classes per week organised around experimenting with body- and voice-based practices together.

#3 Producing Discourse and Reflection The third crucial component on this programme places focus on how you reflect upon what you are doing, and how you can develop tools and strategies for producing discourse around what you do, in ways that are specific to your work and its needs.